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Raucous Performance Reviews

Metropolitan Parks Events Coordinator.  I REALLY like your band.  You are just great at engaging the crowd.  That is very important to a successful event.  [Emphasis in original.]

Puget Sound Festival Coordinator.  Raucous was on stage during the worst of the rain and windstorm and the musicians' fingers were this weird purple color because it was so stinking cold and windy and rainy.  However, someone forgot to tell Raucous, because they played like they were having the time of their life !

Tacoma Festival Coordinator. "You guys were amazing, absolutely wonderful.  You showed the utmost courtesy to the coordinators and organizers, and your band was the 'funnest' to be around.  Raucous will be a mainstay for as long as they will keep coming back."

Morning Show Host at a Top Puget Sound FM Radio Station. "Your singer is awesome." 

 Nationally-Recognized Northwest Event Producer.  "With Raucous, seeing is believing."

West Seattle Junction Festival Coordinator:  "Thank you very much for participating in our festival this year.  Your performance added to the success of our festival.  You guys are the best."

Puyallup Meeker Days Entertainment Coordinator:  "Thanks so much for your participation in Meeker Days.  You guys were a hit."

Taste of Tacoma, KMPS Stage Sound Technician:  "Raucous received the best crowd reaction all weekend."

Nationally-Recognized Agency After Raucous Was Called In On Same-Day Notice To Replace A Regionally Well-Known Band At A Seattle-Area Casino:  "Please thank all of your band members for a job well done last night.  I will let my agent friends know how professional your band is and that they can count on Raucous.  It is refreshing to do business with a band that lives by the adage: 'The show must go on.' "

City of Auburn:  "The band was a hit, and its mix of music appealed to all ages.I especially liked how the band involved the audience.  Many of the festival vendors and the Parks crew commented on how much they enjoyed the main stage music. It set a great tone for the festival."

Mercer Island Summer Celebration! Event Coordinator.  "I would like to extend a special thanks to the band for the lively performance.  We couldn't get enough of your music and it certainly was a crowd pleaser.  Thank you again for enhancing the wonderful success of the Festival with such an enjoyable outdoor concert."

Major Festival Coordinator - Seattle.  Thanks again for a good time.  Your band is very entertaining; nice energy on stage and good interplay with the audience.   

City of Edmonds Summer Concerts In The Park Attendee:  "I have attended every concert for six years.  This was the best concert of them all."